Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate

I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Candidate through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. This certification is based on the groundbreaking work and evidence-based methods of Dr. Patrick Carnes. The advanced training has given me tools and resources to support the recovery of those affected by sexual addiction. I utilize the innovate 30-task model, which research has shown offers clients a higher likelihood of sustained recovery in the long-term.

In collaboration with my select network of skilled and trained psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, I am honored to provide the guidance and support needed to help you and your family move past the devastating effects of sexual addiction. Whether your situation involves problematic use of pornography (contemporary sexual addiction), other addictive sexual behaviors (classical sexual addiction), or both, I am fully committed to assist you in reaching your recovery goals.

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

I am honored to work with individual addicts, individual partners of addicts, couples effected by sexual addiction, and families effected by sexual addiction.

Group Therapy

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Research and experience both point to a fundamental truth about addiction: recovery in isolation is virtually impossible. If you choose to walk the path of recovery alone, you will eventually come to a dead end. Alternately, those who make the courageous choice to journey together find themselves much more able to navigate the obstacles and stay the course of recovery. I facilitate a number of therapy groups for individuals effected by sexual addiction, so that families no longer have to travel the path alone.

Contact me for more information or to join the following groups forming now:

  • Fall, 2019; Christian Men Recovery Group. This group is for male addicts who are interested in pursuing recovery with a strong integration of the Christian faith. Group members need not be a member of any particular denomination or theological persuasion, but should be open to content based on Christian theology as well as traditional practices such as prayer and meditation on Biblical scripture. Although some of the content is Christian-specific, it is used in coordination with the 30-task CSAT model, ensuring that participants receive the benefits of the evidence-based treatment as well as the integrity of a Christ-based group experience. Application required, and space is limited.

  • Winter, 2020; Thriving Men Recovery Group. This is a general group for male addicts who are interested in pursuing recovery in an environment that includes professional acceptance and understanding, supportive compassion and accountability, personal healing and growth, and spiritual exploration and wisdom. This group will follow the original 30-task CSAT model; any spiritual content will be non-denominational and appropriate for individuals of any faith and no faith. Application is required, and space is limited.

New groups for individuals affected by sexual addiction are being considered on an as-needed basis. If you would like to express interest in being put on a waiting list for future group opportunities, please contact me.